How to Taste Caviar Like a Pro!

Beluga Sturgeon Caviar

I took some time to create a systematic approach to evaluating caviar through sensory analysis. This table below combines principle criteria to formally judge caviar with academic sensory evaluation. for more information click on the International House of Caviar banner for additional tasting notes and to get your hands on some of the worlds very best caviar! Special thanks to David Hulley for assisting with the tasting notes and the International House of Caviar for providing caviar for sampling.

Caviar Tasting through Sensory Analysis

Date: December 1, 2012

Caviar Name Country of Origin Type of  Fish Grade of Caviar
Beluga Sturgeon  Germany  Huso Huso first


Egg Size

Egg Colour

Egg Lucidity

Egg Uniformity

Small to medium

Charcoal grey and tinge of purple

Shine, bright and glistening

Very Good


Intensity Characteristics  Aromas Faults (volatile aromas)

Mild but complex

Pleasant ocean note, slight oyster mushroom earthiness



Primary tastes Intensity  of Flavours Texture and Finish

Perfectly balanced

Balanced saltiness, uniform taste, rounded, integrated, fresh ocean and biscuity

Straight to cream with a moderate astringency, sea brine finish, medium to long duration, great mouthfeel, smooth

Concluding Observations
Round, balanced, complex and integrated.  It is full and deep in complexity but still very approachable. 

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