“Taste everything and let your palate paint a portrait of what you love!”

– Andre Derrick

Beer is delicious! If you would love to learn more about beer, have some fun, and taste new things then look no further. As a certified Prud’homme Beer Sommelier & accredited member of the World Guild it is my pleasure to share my love of beer and some knowledge with you.

Three ideas for great tastings

  1. Of course we have fabulous Canadian craft breweries and it’s a joy to taste the fun seasonal sippers that burst onto the shelves.
  2. Unconventional pairings and tastings that you might not have thought about are fun ways to explore the world of beer.
  3. If you would like to explore the classics, Belgium is a great place to start!

Pairing Beer Outside the Box


* Dragon stout & Skor/ Vanilla bourbon/ Cookies’n Cream Porter * Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier -Germany; 5.1% alcohol

“Oh Mami umami! The Smoky bacon flavours of the Rauchbier compliment the deep, rich-chocolate and mocha provided by the Dragon Stout and porter infused ice creams.  The sweet creaminess of the ice cream acts as a contrast to the bitterness of the beer. The underpinned sweetness of the smoked malt is supported by the buttery toffee crunch in the skor ice cream as well as the sweet barrel flavours in the vanilla bourbon. The soft effervescence in the beer provides the cut and provides an intensely flavourful “beer float” experience on the palate.” Fire & Spice Beer Dinner -Andre Derrick

How Belgian Beers Shape The World

Belgium has been the cradle of brewing and has enjoyed a famous rise of unique, complex, and innovative styles of beer. Let’s take a look at four very different beer styles.

  • Trappist ales
  • Oak Aged Ales
  • Lambic Beer
  • Saison
Trappist Ales

Did you know?The Confederation of Belgian Brewers claims that the country’s brewers produce over 400 discernibly different styles of beer today!

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